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How does the booking process work?

Our process is simple and straightforward:

Step 1

Complete contact Form

Step 2

We will contact you back to make sure the date and requested experience is available and provide you with a brochure & quick quote 

Step 3

Schedule a consultation - IF YOU REQUEST


Simply Confirm your Experience

Step 4

Sign Contract Proposal

Pay Retainer to reserve your date!

Step 5

You’re Booked!

  • Is there a deposit? Yes
    A non-refundable retainer fee in the amount of $200 is required to secure your booking and is due upon the signing of this contract. You can make this payment automatically through our online booking system or other payment methods as needed. The remaining amount is due 10 days in advance of your Event.
  • Do you have a payment plan?
    We have an online payment system that can be set up based on your needs to pay in advance anytime you want and as many times as you want. Just connect with us on your needs.
  • I saw another Photo booth provider cheaper. Do you match prices? Quick answer: No
    We are not just a "booth or spinny thingy".We focus on high quality and service: we invest a lot of time in meeting our clients' needs and providing you with the absolute BEST overall experience! Our prices are reflective of our business model and our products and offerings!
  • What's this experience you speak of:
    A Professional, engaging Booth Management Team at every event- Unless you opt for a drop-off booth You have a choice between a diverse selection of customization of our booth experiences and looks including backdrops We include glam carpet, stanchions, lighting, music, TV live view, signage and more in our 360 offerings! We include an auto updating slideshow screen with most every package You get the full custom Live Gallery to include original captures and any behind the scene photos we may take during the event JUST TO NAME A FEW!
  • Do you offer different types of booths that fit my event?
    Yes! We have several booth options and packages that can be customized. We offer 360 booths that can fit up to 5 ppl and LED light up 360 booths, we also offer open air Glam and Retro Glam booth experience with studio quality and print options! In addition, we off Drop off booth options as well as services beyond photo booths, interactive photography, and interactive sketch box's!
  • Are props included? If so, what types?
    Yes! A 4ft or 6ft prop table is included in MOST all packages- you get to choose from a variety of prop options, you would like during our design consultation! This way we can have an idea how best to customize your experience. We have OVER 600+ PROPS for any occasion!
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, our booking system accepts credit cards
  • How long do you need for setup?
    We typically require 1 1/2 set up time and 2 hours for a (2) booth set up, this allows time for complete set up and testing in the space.
  • How much space do you need?
    We need a 12x12 space for a full 360 set up and 10x10 space for a Photo Booth set up. However, we can set up in smaller spaces by scaling down the set up. We will ask for a venue walk through before your event to ensure that we are able to accommodate your space and determine the best area for set up.
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